GirlBuys About Us

We launched on 30th July 2019.

Initially this “About Us Page” was very different.

We told our customers what they could expect from us, but not why we started.

We think it is time to get real…!

We created because we saw a need for a safe online trading market place in South Africa and Internationally.

We heard of stories where customers had to collect their item(s) at the Post Office and never knew where to start with tracking their parcels.

We wanted to bring a different approach to Online Shopping.

We are firstly Customer Service focused.

We pride ourselves on having a personalized approach to online shopping with our customers.

Secondly, we do our best in ensuring the quality of the item(s) you receive. Your item(s) are sent to the GirlBuys Offices where thorough quality control checks are done.

After quality checks have been completed, your item(s) are couriered straight to your door..

If the item(s) do not pass our quality standards, then you will be informed of the defect.

Various options will be discussed on how to proceed. We will either source a better quality product or you will be refunded.

(Currently this service is only available to South African Customers)

For our International Customers, please don’t feel left out.

We make each order our priority, so we will track your item for you until you receive it. You can contact us at anytime if you need assistance in tracking your item(s) or if you encounter any issues.

So this is…

Give us a try…!